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July 2008
14th The Death Of the Love Peppers
12th 1/52 In The Garden
11th Sunburn Star
8th The Fine Print
7th Biology Lesson
4th Big Momma Recommends Part Deux
3rd A Very Poor Benefits Package

June 2008
27th Small Comforts
26th In Case You Were Wondering
21st Pieces of You
14th My Little Caveman
12th Why My Group Of 7 Year Old Boys Is Cooler Than Your Group Of 7 Year Old Boys
9th The Coolest Monkey On The Block
6th Big Momma Recommends 1
5th Point Well Taken
4th Darwin's Theories In Practice
2nd Saturday

May 2008
30th It's All How You Look At It
28th 6 Servings of Yum!
27th The Most Practical Place To Store His Deodorant
23rd The Chronicles of Narnia
22nd Just Call Her Mother Theresa of Connecticut
12th The Afterlife
7th The Post In Which I Link To Many Other Things
6th An Open Invitation... Please Bring Soda or an Appetizer

April 2008
28th Talking Is Highly Overated
19th And There's Pot In The Brownies Too!
14th Merengue Baby
7th Because I'm Super Cheap

March 2008
25th The Next Big Social Networking Site
20th A Very Important Matter Indeed
10th The Gospel According To Jacquai
7th Applesauce and a Little Too Much Applesauce
5th Some Randomness Because I've Got So Much To Say And No Brain Cells Left To Coordinate All My Thoughts Into Pretty Sentences

February 2008
29th What Happens After You Spend 2 Weeks Eating Strictly According to the Food Pyramid
26th Maybe If I Could Just Touch His Ass One Time
25th In My Opinion
22nd Flu-like Symptoms
20th Man Down, But Still The Battle Rages On
13th Love Letter To My Son, Part 1
12th February 12 2008, Lesson of the Day
6th Tonight I'm Going To Sleep With A Pair Of His Dirty Socks

January 2008
31st Private School Girls
26th They Give Crackheads Awards Too!
25th Example #2 of Why This Breakup Is Working For Me
24th Because Ex-boyfriends Should Been Seen And Not Touched
22nd For The Record
21st E.T. Is Eating Our Brains
20th Remember When There Were Flowers?
16th You're Really Very Cute But I Have No Idea What You're Saying
16th Tom Cruise Ate My Blog
15th December 22nd 2007, Lesson of the Day
11th Why This Breakup Is Working For Me
8th A Sign of the Times
5th And Then He Landed A Perfect Triple Axel

December 2007
24th The Naughty List
22nd Pining For A Warmer Time
21st December 21st 2007, Lesson of the Day
19th Hot Cross Buns
18th December 18th 2007, Lesson of the Day
17th December 17th 2007, Lesson of the Day
15th A Recent Conversation About Boogers
15th Hugh Hefner's Son
14th And It's Time To Take It Off Now
12th December 12 2007, Lesson of the Day
12th What My Bed Looked Like Last Night
10th I'll Take Kitchen Appliances For 500, Please
10th The Shortest Reindeer
9th What the note the kid just wrote and gave me says
6th December 6th 2007, Lesson of the Day
6th Letter to Man-friend, 12/6/07
6th Was Taking A Very Nice Nap, Thank You Very Much
5th Bah Humbug!
5th December 5th 2007, Lesson of the Day
5th Conversing With The Angels
4th December 4th 2007, Lesson of the Day
4th The Place Where Toys Go To Die
3rd December 3ed 2007, Lesson of the Day
3rd Mission Unsuccessful
2nd And I Swear This Is The Last Time I'll Talk About It
2nd Will Taste Better After They're Cooked
1st December 1st 2007, Lesson of the Day
1st Right after he stuck his finger in the electric socket

November 2007
30th Because I'm Super-bad
29th November 29 2007, Lesson of the Day
29th The Saddest Branch On The Block
28th November 28th 2007, Lesson of the Day
28th Can Someone Tell Me Please?
27th Larry
27th November 27th 2007, Lesson of the Day
27th Mr. Wonderful
27th Obviously Confused
26th November 26th 2007, Lesson Of The Day
26th In a last ditch effort to stop winter
25th November 25th 2007, Lesson of the Day
25th Guarding the Castle
24th November 24 2007, Lesson of the Day
24th An Abstract Study In Home Goods
23rd November 22nd 2007, Lesson of the Day
23rd Something to be thankful for
21st November 21st 2007, Lesson of the Day
21st Just So You Don't Forget
20th November 20th 2007, Lesson of the Day
20th The Only Acceptable Part Of Fall
19th November 19th 2007, Lesson of the Day
19th Spaghetti & Meatballs
16th The Anatomy Of A Future Alchoholic
13th It's High Time For A Nervous Breakdown
4th November 4th 2007, Lesson of the Day
2nd Have You Ever...

October 2007
19th Cookie Delight
8th When All the Nuts Are Gone
4th October 4th 2007, Lesson of the Day

September 2007
26th September 26th 2007, Lesson Of The Day
24th In the Middle
14th I don't know about you but...
12th A Letter To The Universe

August 2007

July 2007

June 2007

May 2007
16th The Best

April 2007
30th The Bitter Truth
25th I'll get over you when the grass rolls over me
23rd Maturity
17th Important things we should all know about men...

March 2007
24th The Law of Obnoxiousness
15th Flossy
6th Breaking Young Computers' Hearts Since 1983

February 2007
24th My Secret
21st Squirrel Melts
19th Suicide Season
14th Bow to me. I'm a domestic goddess.
10th Superwalmart! Bandit

January 2007
25th Wanted: One Wife
23rd State of the Union
19th Stereotypical Disappointments
18th I Am Man, Hear Me Roar
16th Bras