Talking Is Highly Overated

Sometimes you feel like you just have to say something, because what's on your mind is silently tearing you up inside and maybe, just maybe, talking will make everything better. But sometimes, letting the words that were eating you up inside out into the open just means that now they're floating around slapping you and everyone else in the face. And the burden that was yours to bear is now weighing just as heavily on their shoulders. Sometimes the pain that's caused from your words is more profound than any resolution you may hope to find.

And sometimes, that damage is irreversible.


And There's Pot In The Brownies Too!

Guilty Thoughts: How wrong am I for telling my kid that he couldn't have any of the lemonade in the refrigerator because it had alcohol in it, not because it really did have alcohol in it, but because I just didn't want to share?

Would it be "going straight to hell" wrong or "you're going to catch salmonella from that lemonade and end up with a $5000 hospital bill because you don't have health insurance" wrong?

Because if I'm only going to hell, it was totally worth it.


Merengue Baby

My new favorite video in the world...

This may be the cutest thing ever. I dare you to watch this and not want to climb through the computer screen and squeeze her chubby arms and kiss her little Dora the Explorer cheeks.

And if you can resist? Know what that proves? NOTHING, except that your heart is obviously made of ice cubes.

And I'm not even the least bit bitter that this toddler has more rhythm or behind than I do.

Not at all.


Because I'm Super-Cheap

Guilty Thoughts: It's too bad I couldn't, in good conscience, send my kid out into the world smelling like cooked pork because I'm betting this bacon grease would make a GREAT moisturizer.