Cookie Delight

I make batches of cookie dough, not to cook but rather to keep in my freezer and eat scoops of it whenever my little heart desires. I don't believe this is any weirder than people who buy the stuff to do the same thing with it, just more cost effective.


When all the nuts are gone

It's that time again...a little early this year. I hope that doesn't mean we're in for a rough winter. I hate rough winters. Although, fall apparently got canceled this year, so maybe we can expect NO winter. I really won't complain.

And if you're wondering what to do with all that yumminess, watch this.


October 4, 2007: Lesson Of The Day

Lesson Of The Day:
If it so happens that your father is your landlord, you should be extra cautious when flushing tampons down the toilet, even if the package specifically denotes that they are "flushable", because when said landlord has to take apart the pipes under your sink and use a specially designed pipe clearing tool because WHATEVER IT IS YOU TRIED TO FLUSH IS SO FAR UP THERE THAT THE F*@%ING PLUNGER ISN'T WORKING! and ends up pulling out a tampon, well, that moment will be a bit uncomfortable for both of you.