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This is my website. I write. I draw. I take pictures. I talk about periods and poop.

I am awesome.

There's Never A Line For The Men's Room was started in 2008 after a trip to the Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory in Vermont where I found myself standing at the end of a line of about one hundred to use the Ladies bathroom, while guys strolled past us into the Men's room, came back out thirty seconds later with a whistle and a smile, all the while the women's line refused to move so much as an inch.

In a moment of full-bladder induced clarity, I realized that there's never a line for the men's room but always one for the ladies room and spent the next hour and a half pondering this phenomenon. You'll be happy to know that eventually I got into the bathroom, was able to relieve myself, and did not explode.

Some of the theories I came up with that day are:

  • Women must pee in groups, therefore at least quadrupling the amount of people in line at any given time.
  • Urinals take up less room than stalls, ergo there are more places to pee per square foot in Men's bathrooms.
  • Women have "pee-dar". We subconsciously send signals to all the other women wherever we are and without even realizing it, call every one of them to join us in the bathroom.
  • Men can store extra urine in their penises, therefore allowing them to go longer lengths between trips to "el baƱo"
  • Women use the restroom as a place to socialize. We talk to our friends through the stalls, fix each others makeup, make new friends, recipe-swap, build robots... I really don't know.
  • Men are more efficient pee-ers. They just unzip, whip it out, put it back, zip back up and leave. Women have to pull things down, squat, converse with the woman in the neighboring stall, wipe, wash our hands, converse with the women at the sink, go back in the stall to get the purse we forgot, and so on.

I hate to say it, but in this case, men really are the superior sex.

This site started out as a blog, a place to write and draw and eventually transformed into what you see today.

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~Miss Awesome

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