A Few Notes To The Music Industry...

1. It's not really a "reunion" if your band broke up just three weeks ago and you're only getting together for one song at the BET Music Awards.

2. Likewise, it's not a "comeback" if the only place you've gone is rehab.

3. Though a certain sound effect might be really cool and innovative on one song, twelve songs in a row with that same cool, innovative effect may start to lose some of its freshness (yeah I'm talking to you Kanye*).

4. If you can't find a word to rhyme with another, it's acceptable to go back and change the first line to contain a more usable word. It is not acceptable to just repeat the same line twice. That's just lazy.

5. Scientific studies show that at least 50% of the population does not wish to see a dozen shaking asses in booty shorts every time they turn on MTV. Consider me their leader.

6. This one isn't aimed at the music industry so much as the gentleman behind me at the light yesterday- I'm glad that you enjoy your music so much that you wanted to share it with the entire block, but I must tell you that I do resent a bit, the fact that you thought I needed to feel that ridiculous beat pulsing through every part of my body.

*Actually I really like Kanye's new album, but it's still a point that needed to be made.