I've always believed that for every tragedy there are a finite number of tears that must be cried before the pain can be resolved. Whether shared by a nation or burdening one person alone, whether shed all at once or spread over years, every last required tear must fall before the sadness that has made her bed in our souls is ready to leave.

Gorillabuns is a blog that I've always liked, one I checked in on every once in a while. Her writing is a raw, fresh, and funny take on parenting and so, when I clicked on her page the other day and found out that her little boy, Thalon had passed away, tears immediately started to fall from my own eyes.

I cried for the loss of a life that barely even started, for a woman who's just experienced a mother's worst nightmare, and for my own fears, the ones that make me want to keep my child at my hip at all times, the ones that threaten to send me over the edge of crazy every day. I cried for Thalon and hope, dear Shana, that the tears I and your other readers, friends, and family shed, equal a few less that you, yourself have to cry.