Bow to me. I'm a domestic godess.

Because of the unusual combination of it being both Valentine's Day and a snow day, my motherly instincts must have been kicking into overdrive as I became the perfect stay-at-home mother today.

I let my son sleep late (mostly because I wanted to sleep late too). When we got up, I promptly turned on the t.v. and he spent the rest of the day in my bed watching cartoons and movies, wearing his birthday suit. I didn't make him get up and go shovel snow, didn't make him play in his room- use his brain or imagination, didn't even make him put clothes on. He was in 5 year old heaven.

I served him both breakfast and lunch in bed. And I made him cupcakes (from scratch) with strawberry whipped cream frosting and let him eat one for 'brunch'. While he laid around, I washed dishes, cleaned the toilet, and even changed the automatic shower cleaner.

And I made chicken and dumplings for dinner. He ate some valentine's candy for dessert.

Luckily, he was able to take this all in stride and didn't thank me once. I didn't force good manners on him because I was being a perfect mother and perfect mothers don't make their kids do anything they don't want to.

I tell you these things because they are not only rare and unusual but they will probably never happen again. Starting tomorrow, my son will be back on his strict 1 movie a week diet, healthy desserts only, entertaining himself while his mother ignores him because I'm "busy working", and I probably won't cook another dinner that involves more than 5 minutes of prep time for at least a month. I'm hoping that when all this happens, he remembers this day and looks back on his childhood as having the 'perfect' mother who cooked and cleaned up after him, who asked for little and gave a lot, and to whom no other woman can compare (just kidding about the other woman thing, he better find a woman to compare, I don't want him living with me forever).

Now my darling's coming over and I'm going to cook him a steak. I've never cooked steak before but he'll love it anyways and claim it to be the best he's ever had. When I'm long gone he'll remember me as the most wonderful woman he ever dated- slave in the kitchen, goddess in the bedroom. Or something like that. No other woman will ever compare. And I mean it this time. :)

Happy Valentines Day all! I love you.