Why My Group Of 7 Year Old Boys Is Better Than Your Group Of 7 Year Old Boys

When I ask my team, "who's wearing a cup today", half of them look at me like they have no idea what I'm talking about, even though on at least three occasions, I've had to explain with much embarrassment, that "it's the thing that protects your penis. You have to be wearing a cup to play catcher's position so I need to know. Are your penises protected today? "

And the other half, who do know what I'm talking about and have protected their penises today, choose to, instead of simply raising their hands, reach down and start knocking AS HARD AS THEY CAN on their crotches so I can be absolutely sure that I can put them in the catcher's position without the fear that in 20 years their mothers will be suing me over their lack of grandchildren.

Now that's class.