Big Momma Recommends Part Deux

I've got two videos that may just blow. your. mind.

This first one is an 'Atheist's nightmare'. Depending on what you believe, this video will mean different things to you. I won't say what I believe but I will say that I watched this video eight times in a row in complete and utter amazement.

Oh yeah, I got it from I Want A Pony

Number two, which I really can't embed but if you're at all concerned about the environment or even remotely unhappy with your life or the way this country is going or want to save our planet or care about anything at all, I'd recommend clicking on the link and watching. It's a twenty minute clip with awesome animations and because of it, when I went to Staples today to buy ink for my printer, I did NOT buy a funny little light up pen for 1.99. Because somewhere out there, someone is paying for that little pen with their life.

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