In My Opinion

It should be illegal, IMPOSSIBLE even, for the horrible smells that kept wafting across my bed last night to be produced by a human butt.

They were so bad in fact, that if I had a couch, I would have gone and slept on it and I seriously considered going to sleep with the kid, who, though stinky in his own right, has a much smaller rear.

And I couldn't help but wonder how it is that women actually live with men (or how men live with themselves for that matter). Because I feel the need to wash everything after they leave and I really don't think I could do that daily. However, it does start to explain the high divorce rate because after the third time of being woken up by that TERRIBLE SMELL, WOULD YOU PLEASE TURN AROUND AND POINT THAT THING SOMEWHERE ELSE BITCH?!, I was starting to have very unloving thoughts towards that ass.