Applesauce And A Little Too Much Cinnamon

Thanks for everyone who guessed in my What The Hell Is It? Contest.

The winner was the last person who guessed, the lovely Ms. Bobbye with (the very obvious) applesauce and a little too much cinnamon.

Of course, a little bit is somewhat of an understatement, as it was about a jar of cinnamon to a bowlful of applesauce and though most people know that you only need a teeny bit of cinnamon to flavor things, my son is going through his "extra" phase. Extra syrup on his pancakes, extra bubbles in the bathtub and extra hot sauce on his taco (boy did he regret that one) because he's a red-blooded American man who knows that bigger is better and more is, well, more.

And a little while later, Man-Friend came over and saw this applesauce mess and lectured me on how I shouldn't let him do things like that, I should discourage the mixing and messes, the climbing on counters and running into things. But I refuse, because in my opinion, discouraging these things would be like killing his SOUL and I just can't bring myself to kill my son's SOUL, no matter how much very expensive cinnamon he wastes.

But before you go getting all mad at Man-Friend you need to understand that he can't help it, he's just a very sensible man who thinks things through before he does them, who believes in safety first, and who, in all his sensibleness, perfectly balances my crazy.

Oh yeah, Bobbye, your prize is going to be...um....let's see...when I finally get it up and running in a month or 6, you'll get a free card of your choice from my store.

This was fun. Maybe I'll do it again sometime. What do you think?