The Chronicles Of Narnia

When we finished reading the Harry Potter series, it was like losing a good booty call friend. I tried to fill the void Harry left with other favorite books from my childhood. We read Henry Huggins and Freckle Juice, at a really low point we even tried one of the books from the Goosebumps Series.

Though the kid liked them all just fine, for me it was like having sex and never being able to reach an orgasm. Harry Potter was the pimp daddy of all bedtime stories and these? These were that guy who claims he has a great big dick and it turns out he's the size of your pinky.

But then the whole Chronicles of Narnia buzz started up because of the new movie coming out and I started thinking that maybe I'd get the first one from the library and see how it goes. My hopes were not high. But then, one afternoon we were at the supermarket and right there on the shelf, like a shining beacon of light, stood this- the ENTIRE 7 books from The Chronicles of Narnia in one convenient package. And the price was lower than the late fines would have ended up being if I'd taken them out of the library.

So we bought it, took it home, and made love began to read. I swear I just about came after the first chapter. And though no other bed time story may ever satisfy me like Harry, this one, it's coming pretty close.