It's All How You Look At It

I used to get really upset when Sophie, The Cat, would bring dead rodents into the house. I would yell and cry and vomit until she would storm into her bedroom and send text messages to all of her friends like "OMG MY MOM IS TTLY BUGGIN!!!! I H8 HER SHE DOESN'T GET THAT DEAD RODENTS ARE SO MUCH KEWLER THAN HER! LET'S GET HAMMERD. I'VE GOT CATNIP!"

dead rodent

It wasn't until she started bringing live rodents into the house that I realized what a blessing the dead ones really are. And now I thank God every time I can see the mouse's kidneys lying next to it on my living room floor because that means I won't have to spend the next two hours chasing the damn thing around, trying to get it back outside.

Intimidating Ain't She?
I have no pictures of live rodents inside my house. I'm too busy chasing them out.

Now, all Sophie's text messages say things like "MY MOM IS THE BEST!! SHE TTLY GETS ME! LET'S GET HAMMERD. I'VE GOT CATNIP! "