An Open Invitation... Please Bring Soda or An Appetizer

You're Invited!!!!!

What: My Pity Party

Where: Here

When: NOW!

Why: Because I'm bored and feeling sorry for myself and I want you to be bored and feel sorry for yourself too.

Okay, I'll start the festivities with my sad story. Try not to cry.

I have nothing new going on. Nothing. People keep asking me what's new with life, what's new with work and I have nothing to tell them. No new clients, no new and exciting jobs, no new nothing. And it's depressing.

And my personal life? Well my boyfriend just moved into a new apartment with a new roommate, who happens to not be me. Why? Well besides the obvious 'he's an idiot who doesn't know that he should be sleeping next to me every night', I don't really know why. He was bored maybe? And it felt like the right thing to do. And since he's "not ready to move in together after 2 1/2 years because I have deep seated commitment issues so stop trying to pressure me into marrying you woman!" (I may have taken some artistic license while translating his words there) he decided to take a chance living with a moron who his best friend hates, a moron who has no job, a moron who spent a month painting his new bedroom but did nothing to clean the hellhole that they rented, a moron who doesn't keep fresh batteries in his x-box and most importantly, a moron who said boyfriend is already miserable living with.

I'm a little bitter and I can't even blame it on PMS.

And to top it off, I think I've aged more in the past month than I have in 25 years. I may or may not have found a gray hair last week. Depending on whether the offending strand grows back normal or colorless, I'll decide whether it was really a gray hair or just the result of a home-highlighting job gone astray. Also, I'm getting a wrinkle. Right in the middle of my forehead and it's happening right in front of my eyes and there's nothing I can do about it. And no matter how much I try not to show signs of emotion or in any way move my forehead, it appears to be there for good. The fact that no one else has any idea what I'm talking about, even when I point directly at it, is no comfort whatsoever.

Oh yeah, and I dropped my cell phone today and cracked it. It still works just fine but it's not nearly as pretty as it should be.

Well there you go, that's my sad tale. Please now, share yours. (If you have no sad tale, don't say that in the comments. I really don't care how happy you are right now.)

It's my pity party and I'll feel sorry for myself if I want to.