Just So You Don't Forget

Last night, after brushing his teeth and jumping into my bed for his story, this is what "The Kid", who I must point out, is still blissfully unaware of the recent breakup between Man-Friend and myself, said:

The Kid: Mommy, smell my armpits.
Me: What? Why? Oh god, what did you do?
The Kid: I put on Jimmy's deodorant.*
Me: What?! Why would you do that?
The Kid: So you don't forget him.

Right, like that's a possibility.

*So sue me, I haven't taken his deodorant out of the bathroom closet yet! Guess what, I also haven't taken out his toothbrush, or his soap from the shower or the cookbooks in the kitchen, I haven't taken his shirts out of the drawers yet, and I haven't changed my relationship status to single on Facebook. So sue me. So FREAKIN sue me!