November 4, 2007: Lesson Of The Day

Lesson Of The Day: Don't tell your boyfriend that "I want to break up with you" and that "I'll be just fine without you" when what you really mean is "I'm madly in love with you" and "I'd follow you to Mars if it meant I could be close to you" because when he decides to believe your words and that enough is enough and he isn't coming back and sometime during all the begging and crying and ankle grabbing that you're doing, he steals your heart and smuggles it out in his pocket and you don't realize it until afterwards when you go looking for it and all of a sudden MY HEART'S NOT WHERE I LEFT IT!!!, you're going to find it very difficult to eat/sleep/breath/work/smile/or anything that resembles something other than lying in your bed, staring at the wall and crying.

Shit. I think I just lost the love of my life.