Mr. Wonderful

Conversation between Man-Friend and myself circa September '07:

"Maybe I should call Jacquai's teacher."


"Well, I'm not sure if she knows how wonderful he is. Maybe I should call and tell her."

"He is pretty wonderful."

"Yeah, I mean, I know everyone thinks their kids are the best kids in the world. But sometimes I wonder."

"Wonder what?"

"If they know that they're wrong and that in fact it's my kid who's the best in the world."

"Okay, good night Yvonne."

"So I should call her?"

"No, Yvonne."

And I did not call her but today was our parent teacher conference and it turns out that not only is my child borderline genius but is also the sweetest and most wonderful kid EVER. And his teacher is well aware of it without me having to say a word.