And I Swear This Is The Last Time I'll Talk About It

Although I know I've talked about my brand new bedding here, here, and here, which, even by my standards is a bit excessive, especially since I've only had it for a week, there's one thing I feel I haven't made clear enough. My new comforter is DOWN. Which means goose feathers. Having only experienced regular comforters until now- the ones that come in a bag with matching pillow cases and sham, I was never aware of what I was missing. But being the kind of person who needs at least 11 hours of sleep each night in order to form coherent sentences and not mumble things like "Biggle Muffer school bus, ready bubble get gum kid Now!" at my son in the morning, I felt like it was time to make my bed a little more conducive to that activity. Especially since it appears that sleep will be the only activity taking place in my bed from now on. (Can you hear my girl parts crying? I can.)

So I went to Linens and Things last week because they were having a sale on down comforters and I'm a sucker for sales. I spent two hours in the down comforter aisle discussing fill power and Hungarian Down with three other ladies and a very bored salesgirl. I really wanted the extra warmth blanket but they were all out of those so I had to settle on the medium warmth one. This really worried me because I'm an unusually cold person. Seriously. Unusually. Cold.

I've been sleeping with three blankets and a coat every night for the past month.

I've been known to sit in a sauna with fleece pants and a long sleeved shirt on and not even break a sweat. While everyone around me melts into naked puddles of flesh, I'm sitting there thinking that this must be what heaven feels like.

I spend the months of September to June constantly checking the tip of my nose because it's so cold that I think it might have frozen and fallen off when I wasn't paying attention.

Seriously. Unusually. Cold.

But as I soon learned, one medium warmth down comforter by Eddie Bauer is comparable to FIVE regular comforters, and not only do I not need to wear a coat to bed, I can now wear nothing to bed. And since naked is my absolute favorite way to sleep but is something that I'm normally limited to doing only during the month of August, the thrill of this is almost too much to bear. And I swear to you, I can now understand why toddlers carry around those ratty little blankies all the time, because I am now filled with so much love for my new comforter that I too have considered taking it with me everywhere I go, sucking on the corner, and calling it my 'Wubby'.