Ba Humbug!!!

I know, I know, this is my fourth post today. I'm on a freakin blogging role! But I just felt the need to point out that my son just informed me that he likes Santa and me 'the same'.


That guy brings you presents once a year whereas I bring you presents all the time! Sure, sometimes my presents are socks and school supplies, but come on kid, the thought is there. And Santa Claus sure as hell don't kiss and hug you all the time or FEED YOU for that matter! But no, the guy drops down the chimney and leaves you a scooter one time and all of the sudden we're equals. Well ba humbug to you my dear son! Ba humbug to you!!!

Also, if anyone wants a real live paper Christmas card with our pictures :) on it!, email me your name and address and I'll send you one if we have enough left over, and since I ordered 150, I think we'll probably have enough left over.