I'm in debt. it's true. I'll admit it. Honest to god, all american, credit card debt. The worst kind. So i'm trying to get myself out and not charge anymore and have frozen my credit cards in a block of ice and am living a self prescribed life of poverty until I fix this mess. I've even joined a 12 step group to deal with the problem.

"Hi my name's Yvonne and I spend money I haven't yet earned."

But...I went to Victoria's Secret yesterday to use up the gift certificate I had equaling exactly $27.28. Not a penny more (even though I unfroze one of my credit cards for the trip- just in case). It's not like I could use the Victoria's Secret gift card to buy food or anything really important so I decided to indulge myself and buy something special- a bottle of dream angels perfume because:

a) I've always liked it and never bought it.

b) I actually own no perfume and feel that it would be helpful on days when I find myself pulling a pair of slightly worn sweat pants out of the bottom
of my hamper, sniffing them, wrinkling my nose in disgust, and putting them on anyways, not really caring that everyone and their mama will without a doubt mistake me for a homeless wino, because truthfully sweat pants are king of pants in my world and even smelly-ol'-worn ones are preferable to jeans. Spraying some perfume however, might help some of the obvious scent issues a few days in a dirty laundry basket brings, making the world a better place for everyone.

Anyways, the perfume was $22.00 (okay it was really the body mist which isn't as good as the perfume but much cheaper) which meant i could buy it easily with my gift card and still have $5.00 left over for the teeniest bottle of hand lotion I've ever seen.

However since the semi-annual sale is going on right now and since a girl can never have enough push up bras, I decided to consider my options in that area as well. I found one which perked and lifted in all the right ways, which felt comfortable and looked good under my clothes. It was of course the identical bra that I bought 2 months ago from Victoria's Secret but this time it was on sale for not $55 but $42! And can you really have too many bras?

This left me with the obvious moral dilemna- do I buy the perfume or the bra, or both? I could afford the perfume, could almost afford the bra, but definitely could not afford both.

Which brings me to the point of my blog- why is it that we as normally rational, smart, and reasonable women are willing to shell out $50 + dollars for something that goes under our clothes, covers only about 1/20th of our bodies, and will probably only be seen by the man of the moment (if he actually pays attention while desperately peeling it off) and the women in the gym locker room?

Seriously, the most a pair of panties runs us is $5.00 and that's steep. And really, you can by a 3-pack of Hanes her Way for under $10 at Walmart.

But bras, good bras really are necessary. And this is why:

a) Bad bras hurt- they stab you with their jealous underwires and itch you with their horrible polyester lace like dirty gossip. Good bras hurt too, but usually not as quickly.

b) Not wearing a bra can be worse than wearing a bad bra. If i go too long without a bra, everything hurts. and if i sit in a certain position braless, I can feel my boobs touching my stomach (neither of which are really that big) which is truly detrimental to my self esteem

c)Bad bras don't ever seem to last as long- they rip and the underwire on one side comes out leaving you with one boob saggier than the other.

d) Expensive bras are better looking- that's too say they're less obvious under the clothing, their lines closer to invisible, the cups less wrinkled, giving you a more natural and sexy look.

So yes, it's worth paying the extra bucks for a bra. It may be the most important thing you wear. But worth more debt? I wasn't quite sure.

So after debating for a moment with the rack of C cups in front of me, I decided against the $42 push-up bra that lifted and perked in all the right ways, just got the perfume with my gift card and didn't charge anything on my credit card... because really I have quite a few good bras and definitely enough debt, but never enough clean sweat pants.