Stereotypical disappointments

This morning i was up early (8ish), hoping for a school delay so i could sleep late, (which seems kind of backwards right?) watching the news channels for any info on the BIG storm which produced exactly 1/8 inch of fluffy white snow.

Anyhow I started channel surfing. Since none of the local channels said anything about the Middletown public schools being closed, I was hoping maybe MTV would. It didn't and neither did VH1 but they did have music videos and one was the new Robin Thicke song- Lost without you.

Now I have quite a few Robin Thicke songs downloaded but I've never actually seen the man. So my mind's image of him was something of a hippie, semi-bad boy, but undeniably hot guy with kinda-but-not-too-greasy, shoulder length dark brown hair and sunglasses that he wears even at night, because he's so cool he can do that and really just doesn't care what anyone else thinks because he's a musician.

I liked this image. I embraced this image. I fantasized about this image (serenading me on a beach with a guitar and a cocktail), while listening to his songs on my itunes and playing Sudoku.

This is what he really looks like:

Needless to say, the backstreet boy look-alike on my screen took a few minutes to accept and get used to. Finally the shock and tears went away. The disappointment still hasn't.

The good news is that the girl in the video was exactly what I'd expected. Hispanic/black/Indian, doesn't really matter because she was brown and just absolutely HOT and exactly the type I'd pictured my leading man going for (I don't think you have to be a lesbian to appreciate the absolute hotness of another woman).

I can only say I'm glad at least one of my stereotypical assumptions was correct.

Update: I was looking on the internet and look what I found!-- This proves that at one point, he did look at least somewhat like my fantasy!! Yes, the universe is harmonious once again!