State of the Union

No one, not even the president, should have the right to go on TV and interrupt the regularly scheduled programming of at least 15 channels! This is America, after all, land of opportunity, choice, and freedom. This is not an example of a democracy, but instead of a monarchy. Or socialism, or communism, or Nazis, or something else bad like that.

Was there a vote about this? I would have voted to have it on a Monday night. What about choosing one channel to broadcast it on and leave the rest alone? I bet 'House' would have higher ratings than some boring 'State of the Union Address'.

And we all know that it's all about ratings.

What is this country coming to that I can't choose when or where I will ignore my president's jibberish talk?!

Someone will pay for me having to miss "House" and "Law and Order SVU" tonight.

Oh someone will pay.