Because Ex-Boyfriends Should Be Touched And Not Heard

Conversation that ensued after watching Man-friend slip past me real casually and put about six of his shirts in my closet today:

"Oh no you don't! Don't you go putting your clothes in there. We're broken up, remember? You don't get to go moving all your stuff back in all sneakily and shit. You think I haven't noticed that your toothbrush's back in the bathroom cabinet too?"

"Shhhhhh. Haven't you heard the proverb- 'A woman should be seen and not heard'? It's real old. They came up with it in the 1930's I think."

"And haven't you ever heard the even older proverb- 'Men are freakin' idiots'?"

"Yeah well that one's been proven wrong."

Honey, you're proving it right everyday.