They Give Crackheads Awards Too!

So I was given an award the other day by fellow blogger Rachel.

Awards Show-1.jpg

But obviously there had been a misprint. So I fixed it.

Awards Show-2.jpg

The evening ended, like every other award show I've attended, with me making out with my award.

Awards Show-3.jpg

It is now framed and hung in my foyer.

And now for other people who deserve the award (almost) as much as me:

1. Cynnie- Has quite possibly the most awesome boobies I've seen on the web.

2. Rachel Schell - Our relationship began over a year ago when I started stalking her because of her fabulous photography. I have continued stalking her to this day. Go look at her photography. NOW!

3. New York Dactyl- Tall, blond, beautiful...and soooo much more (to find out what more is, go read her blog).

4. Angelique- I really love her honesty. Also, the girl can write! And she's fun and awesome and all the other things old-school goth girls are made of.

5. Miss Little Pea - Absolutely adorable AND smart as can be. A very hard combination to find.

6. Julianne B- Super cool is an understatement.

7. Terry- I have never met a sexier nun.

8. Empress Magnificent-She doesn't have a real blog and for the life of me I can't figure out why. So I linked to her myspace page. She blogs there. I heart her.

Oh , I think you're only supposed to give out six. Ah well, I'll stop here and call it even.

Tomorrow's Post: What Happens To Your Stomach When You Drink 18 Cans Of Coke In 9 Hours.