Tom Cruise Ate My Blog

I posted a blog about Tom Cruise earlier this afternoon and it caused my blog to blow up. Okay, maybe not blow up but definitely stop working.

Obviously Scientology is a more powerful religion than I had realized. My apologies to Tom and the rest of the Scientology community. Now make my blog back to normal please!

To everyone else: Sorry about stupid boring template. I'll be trying to get things back to normal ASAP. For now, please feel free to send your angry hate mail to:

Care of Tom Cruise

151 Up My Ass Drive
Wherever the Aliens Are, CA 90210.

Update: Never mind, I fixed it. Above you can see the original post. Apparently it wasn't Tom Cruise at all, but Blogger. I am hereby REALLY apologizing to Tom Cruise and for the rest of the day I will say Blogger in a very icy tone, with a glare, and follow with a curse word under my breathe.